Monday, 1 June 2009

Between 14 and 18 is absolutely legal

Franco Frattini, the Italian Foreign Minister, also dismissed rumours that the Prime Minister had a romantic interest in Miss Letizia, but he said that sex with girls over the age of 14 was not wrong in principle. Asked by Newsweek magazine if a relationship with Miss Letizia when she was under 18 would have been a crime, Mr Frattini said: “Absolutely not. In Italy it is a crime under the age of 14. Between 14 and 18 is absolutely legal.”

Frattini spiega al Times che il PresDelCons non commette nessun reato ad avere rapporti sessuali con minorenni tra 14 e 18 anni. Uff..... meno male... siamo tutti piú tranquilli..

Qui tutto l'articolo (in inglese).

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